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e-Business Automation System UK, Pakistan eBusiness Automation Systems
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Business Automation System

ZeenNetís business automation system acts as contact manager, job activity and job tracking system that allows fast and flexible communications with a mobile workforce. Our business automation system provides up-to-date information and an efficient, accessible system for office management, job tracking, accounting software and document management for an organisation.

Features of our business automation system includes:

Document integration - Access to data, documents and records

Sales information - Streamlined system that finds client information, stock levels and service availability

Invoicing - Streamlined quoting, order and invoicing system

Task manager - Links contacts, calendar and to - do lists into e-mail packages (such as Microsoft Outlook) and assigns tasks and scheduled meetings based on up-to-date information

Benefits in employing our business automation system include:

Access - Employee documents can be stored in a single, secure location enabling access and collaboration between departments

Maximising sales - New business leads can be generated through personalised targeting and e-mail

Tracking - Business leads can be tracked and pursued. Tasks can be set for colleagues and teams and automatically tracked to completion

Automation - Creates efficiencies by eliminating error prone entries and provides real time productivity reports. Automatically captures, stores and processes invaluable employee and business information

Communicate - Effectively manages and communicates with key stakeholders such as clients, partners, suppliers and employees

To implement business automation our experts evaluate your current business processes including:

Systems integration - Consider business requirement for automation and level of sophistication required (e.g. is the business spending unnecessary time cutting and pasting information across various applications?)

Costs - Determine how much the organisation is willing to invest in streamlined automation and consider the tangible and intangible benefits over time to calculate a return on investment

Approach providers - From versatile accounting packages to business management service providers, these organisations offer different levels of technology and service at various prices

Implement - The selected package or service


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e-Business Automation System UK, Pakistan eBusiness Automation Systems
ZeenNet.com Provides e-Business Automation System, eBusiness Automation Systems UK, USA, Canada and Pakistan. Complete Online Business Automation Solutions Provider