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Our E-Procurement, or electronic procurement, an Internet-based purchasing system that offers business-to-business electronic purchase order processing and enhanced administrative functions for buyers and suppliers. ZeenNet’s E-Procurement is able to streamline operations over the Internet between two businesses that have an existing relationship. It allows qualified and registered users from a purchasing organisation to buy goods and services on a supplier’s website and can result in operational efficiencies and potential cost savings for both parties.

What is B2B?

B2B (business-to-business) is the exchange of products, services, or information between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers. E-Procurement is a component of a business-to-business exchange between two organisations and is done via the internet.

What is an E-Marketplace?

An e-marketplace is a website where multiple organisations buy and sell products and services using different trading mechanisms, including buying from catalogues, auctions, reverse auctions, requests for quotations and requests for tenders.

Our E-Procurement is conducted via a website which offers extended e-commerce capabilities, including:

Back Office Integration - Built-in applications that completely integrate the website to back-office systems, including inventory, ordering, pricing, warehousing and dispatch systems

Content management - A powerful catalogue database which allows business to update and archive products and services from their website

Payment receipt processing - Delivering secure payment processing that integrates with the supplier’s back office accounting, finance or billing systems

There are several types of e-procurement hubs or e-marketplaces:

Collaborative - Seeks to aggregate purchase power and supply amongst a range of organisations that have vested interests in each others’ products and services

Private - Membership within an established industry that has limited access to outsiders through tight control mechanisms

Independents - Relevant for niche markets and consists of fewer specialised organisations

Government - Federal, State and Local Government departments, various local councils and authorities provide major e-procurement (tendering) opportunities for small and medium sized businesses

The benefits of employing our e-procurement technologies include:

Empowerment - Self-service functions empower suppliers and buyers whilst capturing purchase patterns and pricing information

Greater productivity - Reduced staff time to process paper orders, invoices and payment documents

Cost reduction - Reducing processing costs associated with buying and invoicing (for both suppliers and purchasers)

24 hour access - Real-time communications with suppliers and faster transactions over a secure network

International trade - Enables Australian organisations to operate in global marketplace

When assessing e-procurement solutions for your website we follow the following steps:

Cost and Benefits - Analyse the cost involved against the long-term benefits:

Liquidity - Buyer and seller transaction volumes need to be sustainable

Catalogue costs - Consider costs to prepare and maintain product lists

Collaboration - Work with buyers and suppliers to determine the type of business-to-business exchange functionality that is required

Select - A technology that is sourced from an established vendor, reliable, scalable and capable of being integrated with other technologies in the organisation

Implement - Take into account staff training, development and change management when implementing an e-procurement system


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E-Procurement Solutions E-Marketplace Solutions Mobile Solution UK
ZeenNet.com Provides E-Procurement Solutions, E-Marketplace Solutions and Mobile Solution in UK, USA, Canada, Pakistan and India.