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Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is the exchange and processing of business transaction information using computers connected through the Internet. These transactions may include selecting, ordering, invoicing or paying for goods via the Internet. When working on an e-Commerce solution our experts consider:

Flexibility and scalability - To allow the product mix to be continually changed or rotated without having to rebuild the website (refer to section titled ‘Content Management Systems’)

Speed of transaction - Low download times for web pages is important to avoid potential customers canceling transactions

Secure payment system - Ensure that a secure connection is established between the website and web server via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or other means.

Tracking - Evaluate buyer trends, customer feedback, process management, and service standards in order to continually improve product and service levels

Find suitable solutions providers - This includes setting up an Internet Merchant Bank Account, obtaining a Digital Certificate for security.

We also add several features to implement effective taking of orders online:

Website design - A consistent and reliable web format that includes a secure shopping facility, searching tools, product information and an integrated inventory management system

Procurement - An automated system that enables streamlined purchasing, establishing distribution arrangements, structured pricing, data feeds and access to suppliers

Distribution - Including warehousing, inventory management, transport, logistics and returns management

Service - Pre-sales customer enquiry, product support and technical support, order processing and credit management

Marketing and sales - Methods of promoting the website to increase e-commerce activity such as Search Engine Optimisation, Online Advertising and Direct Email Marketing.

Some additional benefits our customers get:

Additional customer channel - Increases the visibility and image of your organisation to current and prospective customers

Greater coverage - 24 x 7 days a week, across the world

Reduced costs - Sales and administrative costs can be reduced as e-commerce uses online techniques to assist in the selection, ordering, invoicing, payment and delivery of goods

Increased efficiency - Automated procedures can result in greater productivity and efficiencies

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