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Online Networking Solutions UK, Pakistan, VPN, LAN WAN, Intranet, Extranet
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Online Networking

ZeenNetís online networking solution utilises Internet, Intranet and Extranet technologies to collaborate amongst certain groups of users including small and medium sized businesses. Online networking utilises easy to use applications such as instant messenger, net meeting technologies, web cameras and other collaboration software to allow virtual teams to work more intimately even though they are geographically dispersed. It helps facilitate project co-ordination from distinct office locations and allows remote commuting.

What is an Intranet?

An intranet is a private internet where a collection of private computer networks sit within an organisation, accessible only to members of the same organisation. It sits behind a firewall so computers cannot be reached directly from the public Internet network.

What is an Extranet?

An extranet is an extension of an intranet, providing various levels of accessibility to those outside the private network who are registered with a valid username and password.

An extranet is accessed over a public network. Information is kept private on an Extranet through tunnelling and encryption mechanisms. Extranets are relayed through a Wide Area Network (WAN) which links a set of computers that may not necessarily be in close proximity (as opposed to a Local Area Network). This enables mobile users, telecommuters and users in remote offices to access a corporate extranet.

Our online networking solution includes:

Website publishing - A document base is shared by the organisation whereby information is published and stored for online viewing

Workflow enhancements - Using benefits of Internet technologies to manage information for publishing, reviewing, authoring, editing, retiring and archiving. This can assist managing the ordering process and sharing of information and experiences with internal and external parties across your business

User access - Controlled access to Internet files by chosen users and groups through a Virtual Private Network

VPN, LAN and Online Networking

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides end-users a way to privately access information on a corporate network (e.g. Intranet) over an infrastructure such as the Internet. It uses a series of connections over a Local Area Network (LAN), which is a network of computers communicating over short distances in an organisation.

Our online networking solution supports and develops collaborative features such as:

Knowledge base - Aggregates and stores relevant and useful information about the organisation, clients and staff

Project management - Enables communication between project teams especially if the teams are not co-located

Group calendaring and messaging - Allows scheduling of upcoming events, booking of meetings and provides alerts to office personnel

Our customers get the following benefits of online networks:

Greater communication - Effective communication with large groups and news distribution infrastructure with staff and partners

Increased productivity - Productive collaboration through online facilities that encourage real-time response and action. This is visible to others and increases the accountability of outcomes

Better learning and knowledge management - A supporting tool for training requirements and the collection and sharing of market intelligence

Cost reduction - In travelling to meetings, downtime and accommodation costs for travel

Centralisation - Of business information and knowledge, providing a single interface for an online (Intranet or Extranet) community


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Online Networking Solutions UK, Pakistan, VPN, LAN WAN, Intranet, Extranet
ZeenNet.com Provides Online Networking Solutions including VPN, LAN WAN, Intranet, Extranet. Online Networking Solutions Provider.