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Online Security Solutions UK, Pakistan, SSL 64, 128, E-Mail Security, Firewall, Hacking
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Online Security

Our experts suggest a system of hardware, software and procedures that offers protection for consumers and organisations by providing a safe environment for conducting business via the Internet. ZeenNet aims to reduce the risks of cyber crime, computer viruses, interception of information and hackers who exploit your Internet connection and website.

Major online security threats include:

Viruses - Malicious pieces of computer code that make unauthorised changes to a computer. A virus can be transmitted as an attachment on an e-mail or by downloading infected programming from other websites

Hacking - An attempt by an intruder to gain unauthorised access to computer systems. A ‘hacker’ is a person who attempts to gain unauthorised access to a computer system for fraudulent purposes.

Secure access (password authentication) - A username and password is assigned to each user to allow access to a website Used: when a low security level is required

Secure connections - Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) combines a basic password system with protocols that encrypt data transmissions. Used: for websites that sell products and services

Secure interconnection - Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) uses keys to scramble and decipher messages. Used: for high value business, government and military transactions

Secure personal connection - Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) uses public key encryption. Used: as a popular security option for individuals

Secure networking - Virtual Private Networks offer one of the highest levels of security using advanced encryption and tunnelling technologies. Used: by organisations with multiple office locations

E-Mail security - Where similar software is used to send and receive encrypted e-mail messages so only the intended recipient can read it. E-Mail software includes:

Dedicated e-mail encryption - Uses same technology as PKI and PGP and is available as a plug-in to existing e-mail software (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Eudora)

Secure e-mail gateways - For businesses that do not require e-mail security within their own office environment yet do outside the internal mail gateway

Anti-virus software - Installed on a computer to protect and eliminate incoming viruses

Firewall - A firewall is software that separates an organisation’s public Web server from its internal network and provides the first layer of security for your computer when you connect to the Internet


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Online Security Solutions UK, Pakistan, SSL 64, 128, E-Mail Security, Firewall, Hacking
ZeenNet.com Provides Online Security Solutions in UK and Pakistan, Internet Connection Firewall, Viruses, Hacking, SSL 64, SSL 128, E-Mail Security