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Our wireless e-business solution allows organisations to communicate and transact in business via wireless technology, without physical connectivity, such as wires or cabling. Wireless e-business uses devices including mobile phones, pagers and palm-powered personal computers (PC), pocket PCs as well as desktop computers, printers and projectors.

There are three types of wireless platforms:

Fixed wireless - Wireless devices or systems in homes and offices

Portable wireless - Battery-powered wireless devices outside the office. For example, mobile phones, pagers and laptops

Infrared wireless - Conveys data via infrared radiation, through limited-range communications systems such as headsets, mouses, modems and printers

We offer wireless technology through:

Short Messaging Service (SMS) - Provides a cost-effective, efficient and discreet messaging platform suitable for managing out of the office workforce

Bluetooth - Provides short-range radio links, enabling users to connect to a wide range of computing and telecommunications devices without the need to buy, carry or connect cables

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) - A global, open standard giving mobile users access to Internet services through handheld devices, without the need to connect to a separate laptop or data enabled device

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) - A mobile network technology where data is sent and received far more efficiently than on current mobile networks, thereby delivering significant improvements for users sending small or large volumes of data

Third-generation technology (3G) - Similar to GPRS, yet provided at higher speed. 3G is a specification for the third generation (analogue cellular was the first generation, digital the second) of mobile communications technology. 3G promises increased bandwidth in fixed applications. 3G will work over wireless interfaces

The benefits in applying our wireless technology can include:

Mobility - Rapid and easy implementation of a wireless based PC network in a new office location

Simplicity - Greater simplicity for mobile users in obtaining access to a network

Flexibility - The creation of a highly flexible work environment where work groups can easily form and dissolve

Cost reduction - By avoiding costly cabling and other expensive hardware components

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